No matter where you live, you can grill. Grills come in a huge array of sizes and fuel-types, making outdoor grilling accessible to anyone. Grilling brings people together, elevates healthy food’s taste and turns the smallest meal into a cookout. It can make an urban apartment balcony feel like a summer garden – even if it means you’re grilling illegally!

Grilling + Salads + Delicious & Healthy EatingNothing beats the smoky taste of grilled meats and vegetables – even grilled fruits or desserts. And in many places, you can grill almost year-round. One of the best dishes that complement grilled food are farm-fresh salads. As a side dish, or under grilled meats and veggies, salads turn your favorite barbecue into a balanced dish.

Available only on the west coast and with a 7-day shelf life, our freshly packed salads are the ideal fit for your cookouts and parties (even weekly deliveries) so you don’t have to worry about sides. You can just man the grill and give your guests the choice.

Check out our Top 7 Grilling Tips and our favorite salads below!

1. If you want to cut fat off the meat, do it after cooking. Fat helps the meat retain juices during cooking and it will taste better.
2. Vegetables and meat both benefit from rubs and marinades, but let meat marinate (and also cook) longer. Veggies usually go on the grill closer to the end.
3. Cooking on high heat caramelizes the food on the outside, boosting flavors on the inside.
4. Try to turn the food as little as possible; keep the food on one side to get seared, turning it only once. If the outside is seared well and the inside isnít done, consider lowering the heat or moving the food to the top shelf.
5. Apply BBQ sauce after grilling or near the end of the grilling time. The sugar in the sauce can burn more quickly, charring the meat on the outside too soon.
6. Pull food off the grill just before itís done and let it rest for 5-10 minutes under foil; it will continue cooking and marinate in its own juices.
7. You can even char lettuce leaves on the grill, and add it to a pre-made salad for extra flavor!

Great coordinating salads – at wholesale prices!

  • edamame salad with roasted corn, lemon jalapeno dressing, red bell pepper and cilantro.
  • roasted corn salad with onions, red peppers, olive oil and basil
  • Mediterranean pasta salad with bell peppers, tomatoes, black olives and Parmesan cheese.

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