Now that we’ve back to school, it’s time to hit the books! We know that class work can pile up and be overwhelming for students of all ages. The best advice here? Break down each project or assignment into tasks, then prioritize those tasks and start finishing them one-by-one. As you cross items off the list, you’ll be a sense of accomplishment and your studying woes will disappear!

delyse-trail-mix-great-study-food2Snacking well also helps, as well as smart study breaks. And no matter what you’ve heard about greasy fast food or junk food snacks, they definitely do NOT help you stay focused or recover from any kind of all-nighters. Check out our list of our fave healthy snacks and smart study breaks!

  1. Healthy carbs and comfort foods can help you focus longer – 8 Study Snacks That Make Kids Smarter
  2. Fruits, vegetables and trail mix top list of brain food – Brain Food: 20 Healthy, Affordable Study Snacks
  3. Whole grains and nuts and seeds help you snack smarter – 7 ways to snack smarter
  4. Take scheduled breaks, and stay on time! And sorry folks, checking Facebook is out – How to Take a Study Break
  5. Study in chunks – “Study Less, Study Smart”: The Best Ways to Retain More in Less Time
  6. Set up a great study environment, plus a whole bunch more tips on breaks AND snacks – HOW TO DEVELOP SMART STUDY HABITS AND IMPROVE YOUR GRADES

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