Our Background

Joseph Galvin was a produce farmer from Drap in the South of France during the early 1950’s.  Sainte Catherine’s farm was his passion, specializing in olive oil and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.  Joseph instilled in his family the love and appreciation for the gifts of the earth. His family and grandchildren would sell these products at the market every Saturday.

His granddaughter, Elisabeth Galvin, later-on in life, carried on that legacy and passion by sourcing delicious snacks and meals with only the highest quality natural ingredients. Elisabeth, being mindful of her mission to research, discover and partner with the latest manufacturing processes in order to keep costs down and quality high, manifested Delyse Incorporated in 1992!


Our History

Delyse, a privately owned and operated enterprise based in Reno,NV has a strong and established reputation for delivering high quality and product consistency with first class customer service.

As a leading independent manufacturer of upscale snacks, entrees, appetizers and desserts, we have been a preferred supplier to the retail industry and commercial transportation industry since 1992.

Delyse works only with partners that share our concern for both food quality and safety, and who are progressive in their efforts to meet the associated challenges in our dynamic industry. Our company’s shared reputations for food quality and safety along with our dedicated employees are our most valuable assets. We are FDA and USDA certified and are in compliance with all food-related federal and local laws, regulations and standards. The Group maintain rigorous HACCP-based food safety management programs.

Since 1992, Elisabeth Galvin has grown Delyse, Inc. manufacture to provide millions of products to the National retailers and the Transportation Industries. Delyse developed meal programs for United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Reno Air, Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, American Airlines, Air France, Air Tahiti, Aerolineas Argentina’s Airlines, Japan Airlines, Amtrak to name just a few.

Delyse, Inc. introduced all-natural and organic products to the Transportation Industry and the first ‘Snack Box’ for retail to United Airlines in 1992. This concept has been used by many airlines around the globe. Delyse also produced all the snacks for Delysair, Ltd, in the business of offering Inflitepaks to the Airlines (Direct Marketing Programs with American Express, General Motors, AT&T, AOL, Motorola and many other Fortune 500 Companies).

About The Owner

Elisabeth Galvin was an entrepreneur from an early age moving to the United States from France.  She was armed with a prestigious French diploma with a Masters’ Degree in Business Finance.  Elisabeth was nominated for Woman of the Year in 2014 by the National Association of Woman.

Elisabeth had a plan to introduce her beloved French “pralines” and natural foods to the American market.  Elisabeth was very surprised to see the US diet to be based on processed foods and “chemically made food” versus “Mother Nature food”.  Natural foods help the human body flourish.

Ms. Galvin believes that natural foods should not be a luxury.  Elisabeth decided to offer direct access to factory pricing on the website so that many families, schools, hospitals and businesses would have immediate access to natural foods they can afford.