wraps1aWe developed a full line of artisan wraps that can be savored cold or warm. Our wraps are the perfect Grab’n’Go product made with wholesome, trend forward ingredients, great for lunch or a meal on the go. Grab them with a side salad, chips, snack, cup of fruit, or on their own. Our wraps are made with the consumer in mind and use ingredients such as quinoa, noted for its popularity in health foods. Our wraps are also available frozen to fit any ordering and storage needs.wraps1b

Quinoa is recognized by Food and Agriculture Organization as a secure crop for future food production and is being considered for NASA’s Controlled Ecological Life Support System for long-duration human occupied spaceflights. SPINS, a consumer analytics group, reported that 67% of consumers think whole grains is the most important item on a food package, and 70% are trying to consume more.