Artisan Sandwiches

Our ability to customize means we can produce any kind of artisan sandwich or wrap, Fresh or Frozen. We allow full customization on ingredients, including bread and different types of grains. Wraps and sandwiches can be delivered fresh in the West coast, and some are available frozen. We have protein and vegetarian options, and also allow for vegan choices by using different types of breads such as focaccia, rolls, and panini. By partnering with our customers, we can also develop a large variety of frozen sandwiches for national distribution, working alongside your culinary team in the process.

NPD research group reports food trends moving toward wholesome, real food. “Fresh” is becoming “the mantra” for healthier food choices, and clean labels are in. Taco Bell, Papa John’s, and Panera Bread joined the group of major chains cleaning up their labels and offering more “real food.” Real food is in, and that includes authentic ethnic foods, with regional and local ingredients.