Just like the mountains that surround us, we have risen to the challenge of creating great tasting snacks. We have proven that a chip crunches louder, tastes superior and satisfies better when it is prepared by people who take pride in a well-made snack.


The Indian Noir
Full-bodied, spicy, buttery. Strong, velvety feel.


The South American Danza
Mellow acidity, caramelly sweetness, nutty


Fabled Iconic
Beans exposed to rain laden winds on pristine beaches. Unique notes.


The Best Decaf Ever
You will have never drunk a tastier Decaf than this. Guaranteed.

Peru Organique

USDA, Citrus, Berry
Sweet herbal flavor. Light body. Nutty, chocolatey. Sweet-citrus taste.


The African Heritage
Savory-sweet body. Dense Berry Flavor.

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