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Delyse Trail Mix makes Great Brain Food: Study Smart

Good-for-you Study Foods & Habits

Now that we’ve back to school, it’s time to hit the books! We know that class work can pile up and be overwhelming for students of all ages. The best advice here? Break down each project or assignment into tasks, then prioritize those tasks and start finishing them one-by-one. As you cross items off the list, you’ll be a sense of accomplishment and your studying woes will disappear! Snacking well also helps, as well as smart study breaks. And no [...]

Grilling + Salads + Delicious & Healthy Eating

Grilling + Salads = Delicious Healthy Eating

No matter where you live, you can grill. Grills come in a huge array of sizes and fuel-types, making outdoor grilling accessible to anyone. Grilling brings people together, elevates healthy food’s taste and turns the smallest meal into a cookout. It can make an urban apartment balcony feel like a summer garden – even if it means you’re grilling illegally! Nothing beats the smoky taste of grilled meats and vegetables – even grilled fruits or desserts. And in many places, [...]

Delyse Organic Wraps - Ham and Egg Wrap

Eat Better, Feel Better: Eating Healthier with Wraps

For many of us, eating healthier means we need to eat more fresh vegetables and healthy proteins and eat less sugar and refined carbohydrates. And when you eat better, you fell better. Whether your goal is losing weight, eating healthier or feeling better, wraps are a great choice. And wraps are so easy! Here are 4 great ways eating healthier will be easy with wraps: You can cram more vegetables in. Wraps hold ingredients in better than sandwiches, which means things [...]

Host a Salad Bar Party

A salad bar party is the perfect way to let guests choose their own dream salad! Use a combination of pre-made salads, along with all your favorite salad ingredients and fixin’s, to make it easy. Perfect for showers, brunches, Mother’s Day and more!

Spring is Time for Farmers Markets

Spring is a great time to start shopping at Farmers Markets, if you don’t already. It’s a great way to make sure the farmer gets the profit, and you get the freshest possible food with the least amount of toxins. Find markets near you at LocalHarvest!